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We have certified and registered Hata Yoga teachers. They are all professionally qualified and doing well in their respective domains. 

Yoga is their passion and knowing the change that it can bring to a person's life, they are all set to spread this message far and beyond.

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Kiran says

"Yoga is a way of life, which helps me in resolving conflicts and explore the inner peace.”.

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Anitha says

"Yoga has helped to stay grounded to me, true self and brought balance to the physical and ethical parts of life. According to me Yoga is much more than a series of postures - It is a guide to living life the right way". ​

Yoga Utsav helps you to adopt Yoga into your life, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to reduce stress, tension and bring balance into work-life and lead a healthy life.
We create Yoga awareness, we guide and we organize Yoga events with Yoga experts and our great guru's.  

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