Yoga is a time-tested practice that cultivates boundless levels of energetic and physical fitness. Just as we bring yoga to those who may not otherwise be able to experience the benefits of yoga, through our Yoga Utsav branch, we have designed a yoga programs for the corporate employee.

Corporate employees deserve the
opportunity to reduce stress and tension AND become more physically fit.

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Yoga Utsav

Customized stress relief workshops, held
at your facility, starting as low as ₹250
per person per session or group packages

 45 Minutes of yoga and breathing exercises

 15 minutes of relaxation and visualization exercises

 Week day/Weekend classes

For better living!

Corporate wellness through Yoga

How do I get started?

We customize a class to best fit the needs of your company and employees. We provide qualified,
experienced and certified teachers.

​You provide a classroom space (common spaces include gyms, conference rooms, larger offices, rooftops) and we’ll take car
of the rest.

Our teachers are thoroughly qualified, and ready to develop a workplace yoga program suited to your needs.

Benefits of Yoga in the workplace

> Improved Performance
> Decreased Turnover
> Focus
> Good Judgment
> Improved Posture
> Increased Effectiveness​

Corporate Stress Relief Workshops incorporate the power of Yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques specifically chosen to de-stress and detoxify your
employees, managers and executives.

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